Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ring Around Saturn

This post is about the second of the Donald Wollheim juveniles I have read.  Unfortunately its not a really good one.  I collected it later on in my reading mainly because of my good memories of The Secret Of The Martian Moons (previous post). 
This one is called The Secret of Saturn’s Rings.  Its another young scientist type story Bruce Rhodes and his father and crew battling greedy businessmen and UN-type corrupt officials to save the Earth. 
The overall story is good enough, but I find it hard to get past the obvious flaws in the science.  I am not an expert in orbital mechanics, and maybe in the 1950’s they didn’t know better, but I doubt it. 
The explanation of how they use asteroids to hitch a ride to Saturn is very flawed in my opinion.  There are a few other science flaws in it too.
But, the story is not terrible, and I guess not every novel is great anyway.  So on to the next one, slightly better, in a future post.
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