Friday, August 6, 2010

Isaac Newton Redux

Misfits can take many forms.  One of the most common ones in SF is the scientific misfit, or nerd, or geek.  In this book, Newton and the Quasi-Apple we have the equivalent of Isaac Newton for the planet Ymrek appearing as, you guessed it, a misfit. 
Terek is a member of the temple, but is finding out that religious dogma is not always right.  For instance, Ymrek is not the center of the universe.  (Sound familiar?) This makes him at the least a misfit, and possibly in danger as he challenges the status quo.  Then he has the bad luck to have his researches apparently disproved by the use of some quasi materials by visitors from the stars.  This inadvertent event can sidetrack the entire renaissance that is developing on the planet. 

Adventures ensue, including the attacks of ruthless sea pirates

It’s a book I picked up because the author, Stanley Schmidt was the editor of Analog magazine which I read and subscribed to.  It’s a interesting book, the only one of his I have ever read. 
But, for now, I think I am going to temporarily abandon the misfit theme to look at some more juvenile SF, but with a different cast of characters.  I will return to the misfit theme, maybe with some thoughts on misfit adults in SF in the near future.

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