Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Beasts and Children

The Star Beast

The Star Beast by Robert A. Heinlein is basically a fun read.  One of his juveniles that doesn’t really have a serious bone in its body. 
It’s the story of Lummox, the Star Beast.  Lummie was found on some nameless planet many years ago (over a hundred) by John Thomas’ great-great grandfather. 
Lummox keeps on living, and growing, through generation after generation.  He’s apparently slightly intelligent since he talks in a babyish way, and harmless except by mistake. 
He is also indestructible it seems.
The misadventures of Lummox and his owner, or pet depending on your point of view, are a way for Heinlein to have some fun. 
He pokes fun at small town life, the legal system, politics, and bureaucracy as we go along. 
There is some real honest emotion there too.  John Thomas and Lummox care for each other and that is what wins out in the end over the cynicism and manipulations of everyone else.
So a good light fun read.
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