Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Billions and Billions

Across A Billion Years

Another favorite book of my is Across A Billion Years by Robert Silverberg.  It’s in the junior scientist category but the twist is its about Archaeology, not Space Science, or Engineering like so many of these books. 
Tom Rice is our young scientist going out to Higby V on his first dig to find out about The High Ones, a race of beings that flourished more than  billion years ago.  Most people think they are gone from the galaxy, but are they?
Tom has a Telepathy endowed, paraplegic twin sister and telepathy does play a role in this story. 
But its basically a well-done story by someone who can write, as various Nebula and Hugo awards attest.
Tom and the other archaeologists make many exciting discoveries and solve the mystery of The High Ones.  This story even has a little romance along the way. 
A real good read, and something that apparently is not happening in current SF.  The writing of juvenile SF by established authors in the field.  As I will show in the posts to come, this used to be the case.  If it is not true any more, the field of SF is in trouble. 
We need the young readers that are attracted by this sort of story.  And as good as the Harry Potter and other fantasy books are, SF is a valuable genre as far as I am concerned, even more so in today’s technologic world.  It’s a way of developing interest in science and we definitely need that.
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