Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pluto Was A Planet

The third of the Donald Wollheim juveniles is The Secret Of The Ninth Planet.  This is a better book than the Saturn one previously posted, although not up to the level of the Martian Moons book. 
It is discovered that someone is tapping the suns energy as it reaches earth and sending it somewhere else.  And the same is happening on all the other planets apparently.  Young Burl Denning is in on the destruction of the Earth station and has apparently been ‘charged’ in some way so he is taken along on the expedition to destroy the other stations and find out who is doing this. 
On a conveniently just ready anti-gravity spaceship. 
But the action is good, and I did enjoy voyaging in the old solar system.  As I mentioned in the Lucky Starr books posts, I do wish the solar system was more like we thought it could be in the 1950’s and 60’s.  At least a chance for life on many of the planets and moons.  And in these stories there is life of some sort everywhere. 
 Now we have possible conditions for life on Europa, Enceladus, Titan, and more possible signs on Mars.  But none of these possibilities include actual intelligent life in the solar system. (I leave out Earth as the abode of intelligent life for obvious reasons)
Ah well maybe I should grow up.  Or maybe not. 
Anyway it’s a pretty good book.  Maybe someday I will find the others that Wollheim wrote. 
Meanwhile, the next posts are going to be about juveniles from James Blish.
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